Oats: The Food That Cares For Your Hair

When it comes to hair care, we often think of external solutions. This is why there are many high end products out there that handle hair care from the outside. These products are externally applied to the hair to get the desired results. These products can range from ordinary shampoos to high end Moroccan oil treatment solutions like ArganEsque Hair Treatment.

However, there is more to hair care than just external solutions. You can also care for your hair from the inside of your body. This is through eating the right food that guarantees that your hair will get the necessary amount of nutrients from within your body. An example of this kind of food is oats.

Oats is good for our body, being one of the most comprehensive cereals. It contains more protein (up to 17%), less carbs and ‘11% fiber and has the lowest glycemic index, which makes it particularly suitable for diabetics .

It is rich in potassium and B vitamins The beans contain 60-70% starch and other carbohydrates (carbs), 14% protein and 7% lipid (fat), all ‘inside of which is a significant percentage of lecithin, vitamins are also present B group, pantothenic acid, enzymes, minerals (calcium and phosphorus), various trace elements and an alkaloid (avenin), with toning, energy and balancing the nervous system .

Oats is good for the hair , promotes the production of melanin and helps to keep your hair color, it is particularly suitable even fall down. In addition, oats contains important minerals for hair growth such as potassium, phosphorus and magnesium, not to mention the iron. Both oral intake that the use of masks , shampoo and conditioner based on oats make your hair shiny, silky, easy to comb and then in much better shape.

Thus, even if the Dukan diet does not work, as there are many who argue, taking the right amount of oats every day, even for breakfast, you will still healthy and beautiful hair.

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