Multirotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

There are a number of multirotor UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) are purposely built for aerial photographs.

1. Octocopters (8 rotors)
2. Hexacopters (6 rotors)
3. Quadcopters (4 rotors)
4. Tricopters (3 rotors)

Multirotors have been the platform of choice of many professional photographers as they are mechanically simpler and correctly built and tuned they also offer less vibration and great stability.There are various types of aerial photography:The most common type is Oblique. This is shot looking down at an angle to the ground.Near Vertical is a photograph taken almost vertically above the subject.Wide shot images are usually taken to show the subject in context with its immediate surroundings.Panorama is usually referring to an exceptionally wide shot which includes a large area of horizontal view. Panorama is usually produced by overlapping images carefully taken for that reason.True vertical image is one where the photograph is taken with the camera pointing directly at 90 degrees to its center point.

Photogrammerty is the art and science of making accurate measurements by means of aerial imagery.Aerial imagery were the first form remote sensing imagery.With the advancement of technology Aerial video is also becoming popular nowadays. The video is captured by low flying aerial platforms that integrate GPS and automated image processing to improve the accuracy and cost effectiveness of data collection.

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