How To Make Millions Of Runescape GP

Runescape gold is the most sought after thing in Runescape. Both new players and old players want to own a lot of RS gold. Gold helps players gain materials and items. Good items sell at a high price. You can see the Christmas Cracker sells for 6 billion and the Torva armor set sells for 1 billion. In order to get expensive items, you need to find the best way to make millions of gold. I want to share a few tips to help you realize your dream.

Become A Merchant

Becoming a merchant is the fastest way to gain wealth and earn gold in Runescape. To become a merchant, you need a small amount of gold to begin with. You will look around the Grand Exchange for cheap and best items to buy. Then you will resell the items in Grand Exchange. You should look to the high demanded items and equipment so that you can sell out your commodities fast. You are not able to earn millions in the beginning. When you begin to trade dragon armor and discontinued items, you will earn millions of gold.

Player Killing and Dueling

In 2011, Wilderness returns as an untamed player killing area. If you see a player wearing a blue party hat in the wilderness, you can kill him and take the party hat for your own. Player killing is one of the best ways to make millions of gold. Before you start, you should focus on your player killing skills and invest in the best player killing equipment. You will not only get items from player killing, but also some experience points.

Hunt for Expensive Items

Hunting for rare items is the best way to make millions of gold. Dragon plate bodies, elite clue scrolls and Torva armor are expensive items that are available in the game. You can hunt items within a group. If you want to learn more tips for gold making, read this.

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